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The Washington School of World Studies is affiliated with and housed within the People to People Ambassador Programs headquarters located in Spokane, Washington. People to People’s excellent reputation around the world provides direct benefit to the school both through direct availability of resources and by shifting parental focus from safety concerns to program benefits. Students and families are assured of the highest quality experiences in customer service, educational travel, and virtual education.

The Washington School of World Studies draws its support from the global organizational resources of People to People Ambassador Programs. From marketing to development, from travel services to organizing overseas activities, from screening teacher leaders to ensuring expert guidance and safe personal interactions within the destination countries, the organization fully supports the Washington School of World Studies’ mission of creating fully rounded learning experiences for our students (both virtual and experiential), and takes its guidance in development of support materials from the standards set by the Washington School of World Studies.


Inspire students to strive for world peace and understanding through hands-on global travel and virtual classroom encounters that foster independence and critical thinking about cultural interactions and global citizenship.

Provide passionate students with challenging and experience-rich alternative learning contexts that enable them to achieve both personal and educational goals.


We are dedicated to bridging national borders by exposing young people to the beauty and complexity of the world they will inherit. We enhance the relevance of curriculum by providing exceptional virtual learning opportunities, peerless educational travel, and face-to-face interaction with people from around the globe. Our students will understand how the history, culture, art, geography, economics, environment, and international affairs of other nations relate to their own. By exposing students to a diverse blend of global experiences and virtual classroom opportunities, we hope to instill tomorrow’s leaders with the enlightened perspectives needed to flourish in an increasingly complex world, and to inspire them to continually seek closer ties between nations.



The Washington School of World Studies’ curriculum is based on is based on common core standards for social studies, leadership, communication, and world studies, student learning experiences encompass not only travel and international cultural exchange, but teamwork, teambuilding, self-sufficiency, and enhanced understanding of destination countries’ governments, history, economies, cultures, languages, and lifestyles.


We enrich our students’ lives by providing traditional and non-traditional learning experiences, delivered using a variety of instructional strategies designed to expose students to a global classroom in which student exchange and interaction are valued components. We are committed to helping students learn and teachers teach, providing comprehensive learning opportunities and a broad range of teaching tools and objectives. Our teachers and students engage in high-quality teaching and learning environments, including interactive online self-learning modules, printed materials, and unique activities in destination countries specifically selected to enhance student understanding of the global community.


Assessment is an integral part of ensuring that our students have gained valuable and lasting information and experiences from their varied study opportunities. Our students complete a wide variety of assessments, including pre-travel and travel assignments and assessments, throughout their travel experiences. Through travel study experiences, we provide activities which encourage self-reflection and higher-order thinking, as well as a wider awareness of the world at large. Teacher-leaders clearly understand student learning objectives and assessment guidelines and provide encouragement and feedback to students and their parents. By encouraging a higher level of engagement, teachers ensure students not only gain a broader understanding of their program experiences, but produce a treasured and valuable keepsake for later reference and enjoyment.

Assessment tools not only measure student knowledge, but guide student development and allow the Washington School of World Studies to evaluate instructional effectiveness and modify instructional materials.

School Services

We integrate a variety of resources and services into program development to enhance and continually improve the student learning experience. The Washington School of World Studies is able to draw upon the fifty-plus years of institutional experience of People to People Ambassador Programs and its worldwide partners network to ensure safe, unique, high-quality learning experiences for our students. Unique access to people and places available only through People to People’s relationships within destination countries, and availability of exceptional virtual learning opportunities through partnerships with outstanding curriculum providers, provides students the highest level of safety, service, and learning, and ensures constant expansion and evolution of the school’s services and offerings.

Culture of Continual Improvement

Through annual reviews of student and teacher curriculum; application of student, parent, and teacher-leader feedback; continuous evolution of teaching and assessment tools such as online study and assessment instruments; evaluation of student progress and success in virtual learning experiences; and tapping an expert panel of educators, the Washington School of World Studies is committed to an ongoing process of program improvement. An action plan for achieving specific future goals is in development and will be made available to interested parties.

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